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The Complete Published Works 1933-1986 | Windows Version
Krishnamurti: K Text Collection

Price: $35.00 (42.00 inc VAT)

Availability: Available for download now
Product Code: KTEXT

Description Content
This software features the WINDOWS version of the Krishnamurti Text Collection and presents the text of all Krishnamurti's published works from 1933 to 1986, whether in book, audio, or video form.

It consists of 2662 texts. All the audio and video texts have been verified for accuracy.

The full text retrieval facility allows one to access any topic on the basis of a single word or a combination, searching the equivalent of two hundred books. It includes advanced search features such as 'same sentence', 'same paragraph' and date searches.

Detailed and easy to use, K-Text is a practical tool for anyone interested in exploring the teachings from the time Krishnamurti established his own voice to the last talk in 1986.

The software is invaluable as a library and personal resource, with a 'bookmark' and notes feature.
  • System requirements: K-Text is a WINDOWS program, fully compatible with XP and Windows 7, and designed to run on a PC.
  • It will run on a Mac using a Windows emulator or dual boot.