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The Transformation of Man | 5: Your Image of Yourself Prevents Relationship with Others
Krishnamurti: Your Image of Yourself Prevents Relationship with Others

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“We are dealing with the actual daily life of every human being. We are dealing with the actual facts of fear, pleasure, sorrow, death and whether there is anything sacred in life. Because if we do not find something real, something that is true, life has very little meaning. But you have to be serious, really serious. Listen with care, with attention, with a sense of affection, not agreeing or disagreeing. If you really care to find out how to live properly, what right relationship is between human beings, then you would share com- pletely, I think, with all that we have had a dialogue about.” – J Krishnamurti.
  • Duration: 57:30 minutes
  • English subtitles available
  • Available as: video, audio and Book "The Wholeness of Life"